Forget Due Dates, Find a Study Date

by Michaela Mulligan 

People aren’t just looking for love during quarantine, they’re also looking for their study soulmate.

StudyDate is an app created by three students at the University of Florida, Zach Shenkman, Josh Ryals and Wuseok Jung. The app, which pairs you with study partners from UF, went live in September. The trio worked four months prior, from conceptualizing to programming, all over zoom calls. They had to juggle internships and time differences to make the app possible. 

In a normal college year, you could sit next to someone in class. Maybe comment on their shoes or ask them for a pen. Anything to break the ice. Now, study partner meet-cutes are nearly impossible over zoom. That’s where StudyDate comes in: It does the ice-breaking for you.

The app works in a way that’s familiar to most students. It’s a simple left-right swipe system. But it’s not based on looks, it’s based on personality. StudyDate prompts you to fill out a bio, asking you about your study habits, some basic interests and how you’d like to meet for your ‘study date.’ 

Once you’ve filled out those specifications, the app asks you to put in the classes you’re in. It then pairs you with matches based on those specifications. You can left or right swipe on who you think would make a good study partner. 

New students to UF can use the app to make a new network of friends, or it can help a person who’s struggling in class.

As of now, the app has over 700 users. Its creators are contemplating expanding the app to other Florida schools. But for now, gators can get swiping. 

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  1. Luke Atkins says:

    So true. My boyfriend’s studious ways are the reason I get all of my homework done in time lol.

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